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Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment

Designer Distribution Services, LLC. offers an all inclusive installation package.

Our installation managers travel to the project site for the duration of the job. They coordinate all activities on site, from scheduling of product deliveries to the final set and polish of the room.

Our FF&E installations encompass placing the furniture, the fixtures, and related equipment according to blueprint layouts or designer instructions. If required, we install any wall-hung merchandise. We can handle any OS&E services to include placing office and sundries equipment where needed.

We are experienced in handling break-bulk shipments, wherein large quantities of supplies and fixtures are received in our warehouse, then broken down on a room by room basis for installation. Performing this service in our warehouse eliminates any interruption in the day to day routine of the resort/hotel/casino. Items are delivered to the project site per your timetable facilitating partial opening of rooms to the public.

Designer Distribution Services, LLC. is the only way to go when looking for quality transportation, warehousing, distribution, and installation solutions.

We guarantee your products to be in the right place at the right time, so you can guarantee your customers the best value.

We offer a fully supervised installation program. Our Installers are committed to executing the final installation flawlessly.

The way your merchandise is handled determines the success of your installation.

Top Designers and Hospitality Professionals make Designer Distribution Services, LLC. part of their winning team because they know the service is a SURE BET!